Jerusalem Cross Gold

The meaning of the Jerusalem Cross

The Jerusalem Cross goes back to the fourth century. It’s composed of 5 Crosses, the large cross in the center is composed of four Tau crosses joined together at the center.
(As you see in the picture)

The Jerusalem Cross holds different meaning as below:

  • The Large Cross in the center represents the city of Jerusalem where Christianity started; The four small crosses that surrounds the large cross represents the Four Corners of the world to which Christianity was spread by mission.
  • The Large Cross represents Christ and the four small crosses around it represent the Four Gospels (The 4 Evangelists are John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew)
  • The Five Crosses symbolize the five wounds of Jesus Christ he suffered when he was crucified; the cross in the center cross for the wound on his side, and the 4 smaller crosses for the wounds on his hands and feet.
  • Sometimes they refer to the Jerusalem Cross as the “Crusader’s Cross”

This cross is found only in the Holy Land & No other place in the world.

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