About Three Arches 2

I am Maikel Canawati, Owner of The Three Arches 2 in Bethlehem. The Canawati family is deeply rooted in the field of tourism since the beginning of the nineteenth century. Through the years, pilgrims have visited the Holy land. Since pilgrims desired to take home gifts to family and friends, the people of Bethlehem have been producing many different varieties of souvenirs. My family established its business in 1853, specifically the arts and souvenirs, and in 1975, the Three Arches Company was established by my father.

The Company is registered under the companies Registrar office in Ramallah. The company is also licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and is a member of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce.

Today our 400-square meter showroom contains the widest collection of meaningful products and supports over 300 Christian families who make their living out of these crafts. Some of the local merchandise is only found in the Three Arches 2.

Our Services

* Guiding services in Bethlehem (Nativity church, Shepherds’ fields, Milk Grotto)
* Reservation of regular Masses or Christmas Midnight Mass.
* Provision of communion cups for Garden Tomb.
* Guaranteed quality and prices.
* Booking and reserving meals at our restaurants.
* Offer folkloric nights and belly dancing shows by reservation.
* Deal in export, import, wholesale and retail.
* Create special items for fundraising purposes for Church/Ministries

Our Mission

As the population of Christians continues to fall due mainly to economic hardships, emigration and the declining birth rate, we seek to remain rooted in Bethlehem to welcome guests and pilgrims and show them the Holy Land through our eyes.

Garden Restaurant

Situated in the most beautiful location in the town of Bethlehem, it is a few minutes’ walk from the Nativity church with a panoramic view overlooking the city of Bethlehem. Our restaurant is uniquely qualified to serve up to 400 people; we can offer a self-service buffet, fast sandwiches, and Oriental mixed grill.

The Square Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Situated in Manger Square, the restaurant has a sleek modern décor, along with a rare atmosphere and a nicely decorated bar along with café-style chairs and tables. Besides the regular menu, the restaurant can offer a wide selection of traditional local meals, such as Musakhan, Fukhara, Mansaf, Stuffed Sheep, and our famous dish Up-Side Down (Maqloubeh)

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