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The Ark of the covenant

Medium size. 

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The Ark of the covenant

Medium size. 

The Ark of the covenant Was an Ark or Chest of shittim wood ( 2.5 Cubits by 1.5 Cubits by 1.5 cubits) overlaid with Gold, and embellished with a crown of Gold extending around the chest upon the top edge. 

Four rings of pure Gold were set in the four corners, two on one side and two on the other, through which were passed the wooden staves overlaid with Gold used in carrying the sacred chest. 

Exodus 25: 10:37: 1-10 The Ark of Covenant, thus fittingly enshrined, was the only piece of furniture in the Most Holy Place. It was visited but once each year by the high Priest, on the day of Atonement, to make ” atonement for the sin of the people.” This was the most solemn ceremony of the Hebrew worship Replica box. 

Box Size is:3.75″ X 2.35″ X 2.50″

Base size: 7 ” x 4 “

The Ark of the covenant contains:

 Aaron’s Rod

Stone tables with the 10 Commandments on (Deuteronomy 31:26)

A golden pot that contained manna 

The top comes off and you can put special items inside.

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The Ark Of The Covenant Gold Plated Medium