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This is an authentic rich hand carved olive wood Virgin Mary Head, made by Bethlehems’ finest craftsmen “Sunu”

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This is an authentic rich hand carved olive wood Virgin Mary Head, made by Bethlehems’ finest craftsmen “Sunu”

Size is approximately 6.3″ * 3.9″ * 8.7″

The olive tree is probably the most significant plant mentioned in both the New and Old Testament. The olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and pureness.
It is an evergreen which can grow for thousands of years. The olive trees of Jerusalem are pruned to remove the hard wood and open the tree so new growth can provide a bountiful cop of olives the next year. This hard and beautiful timber is used by local craftsmen for carving. Today, the cottage industry is a major source of income for the Christians of Bethlehem. The carving of Olive wood crafts is a very labor intensive practice with much of the carving done by hand.

Please note that olive wood varies in texture, grain and color depending on how old the branches were before they were trimmed – this adds to its beauty – just like no two snowflakes are the same, neither are two pieces of olive wood.  Some pieces will have more lines and markings, some might have fewer.  Each one is carved with love and therefore may vary slightly from that pictured.

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Berat 3 kg
Dimensi 6.3 × 3.9 × 8.7 inci


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Olive Wood Virgin Mary Head-Sunu